Keith Worrell

Head Coach

Keith Worrell is in his sixth year coaching the Palo Alto High School Robotics Program, and third year as Head Coach, supporting both Paly Robotics, FRC Team 8 and Paly VEX Robotics, VEX Team 4008. He is a Paly Robotics alumni, Distinguished Toastmaster, and WGU Graduate with over 20 years of experience serving the PAUSD community through Special Education support. He firmly believes in the principles of Facilitative Leadership in promoting excellence within the team alongside the Core Values of FIRST. When not on campus or in the lab, you will find him hiking, cycling, swimming, or cooking with his family.

Devin Ardeshna


Devin graduated from Paly in 2018 and studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan and Stanford. He currenty works at Tesla as a Software Engineer developing stability control and anti-lock braking systems. As a mentor for Paly Robotics, Devin helps with robot design, manufacturing, software development, and long-term planning.

Bryan Yang


Bryan graduated from Paly in 2019 and was Team Captain in his senior year. He is currently at UC Berkeley studying Mechanical Engineering. Bryan mentors Paly Robotics on strategy and robot design. He hopes to help younger students explore and develop their interests through the wide variety of opportunities that FRC has to offer.

Robbie Selwyn


Robbie is a BS/MS student at Stanford University, where he studies computer science. He has been involved with Paly Robotics since graduating in 2019. As a mentor, Robbie has stayed involved with many of the areas he led when he was on the team, working primarily with the software team, the strategy & scouting team, as well as the driveteam.

Quintin Dwight


Quintin graduated from Paly in 2020 and was the Programming Subteam Project Manager his senior year. He is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and is on the Michigan Mars Rover Team (MRover). He serves to help the students if they have questions about integrating motor controllers, control system tuning, and/or designing clean code architecture.

Caleb Tan


Caleb graduated Paly in 2020 and was captain of the Strategy and Scouting subteam. He is currently completing his degree in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. When he was on the robotics team, Caleb headed the development of a new scouting application and backend which has evolved into the system used today. As he continues his studies, Caleb looks forward to staying involved with the team’s strategy/scouting and driveteam efforts.

Nina Hunt


Nina is currently a sophomore at Cornell University studying Mechanical Engineering. She helps advise Team 8 on machining and leadership. She graduated from Paly in 2021 after spending her senior year as Team Co-Captain and junior year as Build Team Captain. She has always loved the community aspect of the team and hopes to help foster a welcoming environment where all members can meaningfully contribute to the team.

Jeremy Huang


Griffin Zajac


Griffin graduated from Paly in 2021 and held the positions of Design Captain and Technical Director while on the team. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering and EECS at UC Berkeley. Griffin mentors Paly Robotics on strategic design and game analysis, and hopes to inspire a love of robotics, engineering, and collaboration in Team 8's students.

Julian Kobayashi


Julian graduated from Paly in 2022 and is currently studying Mechanical Engineering & Robotics Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is a former Build & Design Subteam member with a background in manufacturing and computer aided design (CAD) who helps students with CAD, CAM, and Mechanical Design.