Our Other Sites
Paly Robotics Videos The Paly Robotics YouTube channel.
Paly Robotics Facebook The Paly Robotics Facebook page, which contains updates for the team.
Paly Robotics Twitter The Paly Robotics Twitter page, which contains bite-sized updates for the team.
Paly Robotics Instagram The Paly Robotics Instagram page, which contains photos of the team.
Team Documents
Paly Robotics Team Handbook The Paly Robotics Team Handbook, which covers general team organization and key policies.
Paly Robotics 2024 Technical Document The Paly Robotics 2024 Technical Documentation, which covers specifics about our robot.
Paly Robotics Business Plan The Paly Robotics FRC Business Plan outlines our team, from our mission statement to future plans.
Paly Robotics Diversity Plan The Paly Robotics Diversity Plan, which describes our current team demographics and our goals in continuing to diversify Team 8.
Paly Robotics Sustainability Plan The Paly Robotics Sustainability Plan, which analyzes our growth, mitigation of possible threats, and sustainability for the coming years.
Paly Robotics Outreach Plan The Paly Robotics Outreach Plan, which outlines our current outreach initiatives and statistics as well as our outreach events for the next 5 years.
Release and Consent Form for FIRST Please make sure you have this form signed so you can participate in FIRST.
STIMS Sign up for STIMS (Student Team Information Members System).
STIMS FAQ A webpage with answers to common questions about signing up for STIMS.
T-shirts Buy some of our T-shirts.
Pop sockets Buy some of our pop-sockets.
Store link Buy some of our merchandise.
Team 8 Scouting Documentation The documentation for the Team 8 scouting system.
News Letter Subscribe to our newsletter.

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