Shalen Ardeshna



Shalen Ardeshna is a senior who joined the Design Team on Paly Robotics as a freshman. In addition to actively participating in all subteam projects, as a sophomore, he also co-led the team’s outreach initiative with AbilityPath, a local disability support organization, and co-lead our team’s summer camp for 2021, adapting it to run during the COVID-19 pandemic. As Design Captain, Shalen led the team responsible for designing the robot, which entailed transforming it from concept to detailed CAD for manufacturing and assembly. This year as Team Co-Captain, he aims to improve team efficiency and continue encouraging an inclusive, supportive environment within the team.

Brennen Ho



Brennen Ho is a senior who joined Paly Robotics his freshman year as a build member. Starting sophomore year, Brennen led Team 8’s FLL outreach with the goal of engaging local students and fostering an interest in robotics. As Build Project Manager during his junior year, he co-led all build team operations and managed robot fabrication and assembly. He was also a session lead for Team 8’s annual summer camp and oversaw all off-season robot demonstrations in the local Palo Alto community. As Team Co-Captain, Brennen hopes to expand the opportunities available to members while fostering a positive and diverse team environment.

Dalia Antebi

Technical Director


Coming soon!

Keith Worrell

Head Coach


Keith Worrell is in his fifth year coaching the Palo Alto High School Robotics Program, and third year as Head Coach, supporting both Paly Robotics, FRC Team 8 and Paly VEX Robotics, VEX Team 4008. He is a Paly Robotics alumni, Distinguished Toastmaster, and WGU Graduate with over 20 years of experience serving the PAUSD community through Special Education support. He firmly believes in the principles of Facilitative Leadership in promoting excellence within the team alongside the Core Values of FIRST. When not on campus or in the lab, you will find him hiking, cycling, swimming, or cooking with his family.

Ariana Cao

Art Captain


Ariana Cao is a senior who joined the Paly Robotics team as an art member in her sophomore year during the pandemic, creating designs for Team 8's merch and contributing to animations. In her junior year, she co-lead the Paly Robotics summer camp, organizing spaces and supplies, talking to parents, leading counselors, and ensuring things ran smoothly. As Art Captain, she aims to lead the team to create successful animations and merch, as well as continue to expand the team’s knowledge of animation and graphic design.

Malika Bowers

Build Captain


Malika is a senior who joined the Build subteam as a freshman. During her sophomore year, she served as Pit Manager and Safety Captain. As Build Captain, she oversees prototyping, fabrication, and assembly of the teams robots as well as leads off-season projects. She hopes to foster an efficient, dedicated, and inviting environment within Build and help expand the team’s technical knowledge.

Caroline Zhang

Business Captain


Caroline is a senior who is dedicated to spreading STEAM in the community to inspire others. In her freshman year, she established the team’s Zoom Workshops initiative to teach students entrepreneurship, programming, and graphic design & animation during the lockdown. Since then, Caroline has been leading LEGO Robotics Summer Program, increasing access by teaching historically underrepresented students across the Bay Area how to design, build, and program their own EV3 robots. As Business Captain, Caroline leads Business Team in grants, sponsorships, and competition awards applications while creating a positive team culture.

Susanna Aufrichtig

Design Captain


Susanna Aufrichtig is a junior who joined the Design subteam of Team 8 during her freshman year. As a sophomore, she served as Treasurer, standardizing formatting and creating guides to simplify purchase documentation. Now, as Design Captain, she manages the strategic design and CAD of our 2023 robot by overseeing designers and communicating with other technical leads. She aims to improve the sustainability of knowledge through new teaching paths and cultivate an enthusiastic and supportive environment within Design.

Luca Manoloche

Software Captain


Luca Manolache is a senior who joined Paly Robotics his freshman year as a software member. As Software Project Manager during his junior year, he co-led all software team operations and managed assignments and coding. As Software Captain, Luca will to expand the teaching available to members while fostering better code.

Zachary Brandt

Strategy & Scouting Captain


Zachary Brandt is a senior who joined Paly Robotics as a Strategy and Scouting member in his freshman year. As the Strategy and Scouting captain this year, Zachary is responsible for creating the team’s scouting system and leading scouting at competitions. He hopes to enhance the team’s competition strategy this coming year and into the future.

Ryan Stonich

Lab Manager


Ryan Stonich is a sophomore who joined Paly Robotics as a freshman and worked on the fabrication of build season robots. Now, as Lab Manager, he aims to maintain the proper organization, efficiency and team environment by supporting a clean and welcoming lab space.

Evan Chang

Pit Manger and Safety Captain


Evan Chang is a sophomore who joined Paly Robotics as a build freshmen and helped fabricate the robot. This year as the Safety Captain he hopes to maintain a safe environment in lab throughout the year. As Pit Manager, he hopes to keep an easy to use and organized pit for competitions.

Tony Liang


Tony Liang is a sophmore who joined Paly Robotics his freshman year as a design member, learning the fundamentals of machining and robot parts in the build team. As the treasurer, Tony hopes to maintain an organized budget and be efficient with the spendings.

Thomas Pham

Competition Manager

Thomas Pham is a junior who joined Paly Robotics his sophomore year as a business member. As a recruit, he worked on obtaining funding for the team and presenting to non-technical judges. As competition manger, he intends on creating a cordial environment and well-organizing transportation, rooming, and meals for an enjoyable competition season.

Ryan Lee

Media Director

Ryan Lee is a senior who joined Paly Robotics as a Build member in his freshman year. In his sophomore year, Ryan served as the team’s Lab Manager, and in his junior year, he served as the Build Captain. As the Media Director this year, Ryan is responsible for directing the team’s visual content. He hopes to standardize and ensure consistency in the team’s visual media presence this coming year and into the future.

Aditya Ramanathan

Drive Coach

Aditya Ramanathan is a senior who joined Paly Robotics as a Strategy & Scouting member in his freshman year. In his sophomore year, Aditya served as the teams's strategy lead, and in his junior year, he served as the Strategy & Scouting Captain and the Drive Coach. As the Drive Coach this year as well, Aditya is responsible for organizing drive practices and creating match strategies. Now, he hopes to continue leading driveteam with a positive attitude and pass his knowledge down to future members interested in strategy.