When thinking about the future of our world, most people think of robots and new, groundbreaking technological innovations to come. Paly Robotics, FRC Team 8, stands on the frontier of that future, taking revolutionary steps right here in our own community. We strive to give the next generation of inventors, scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs the inspiration and support they need to get started in robotics.

As an experienced FRC team, we understand the importance of helping robotics enthusiasts and guiding them towards success. As such, if you are considering starting an FTC team, we are here to provide the guidance and resources you need to start your journey from helping you navigate the registration process to offering technical assistance. For existing FTC teams seeking mentorship, we offer our extensive knowledge, experience, and technical expertise. We are dedicated to helping teams enhance their robot design, programming skills, and overall performance. Through collaborative workshops, feedback sessions, and practice opportunities, we aim to accelerate your team's growth. If any of this interests you, feel free to reach out to ftc@palyrobotics.com.